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About Founder
Kin Bong Lam (Bong Lam) was born in Zhuhai city, Guangdong Province of China. In 1992, Mr Lam arrival in UK departed Hong Kong. In 1997, Mr Lam had found his first Chinese restaurant Wing Wah in Birmingham. Under his hard working entrepreneur's spirit and unique notion in operation, Wing Wah Group had become a multi-functional enterprise and has awarded in many areas. Chinese cuisine has been well received and become more and more popular in UK. Mr Lam's enterprise has grown rapidly in recent years, and to add to his portfolios, which with the latest are the Yacht building and investment in real estate.

Mr Lam is the chairman of Wing Wah Group, the Honorary President of UK Chinese Education Foundation, the president of Zhuhai Co-Operative Association (UK), Non-executive Governor of Overseas Chinese Association School and Birmingham Chinese School, and holds the posts in many momentous associations. Although Mr Lam is residing in UK and has been for a long time, his heart is still at motherland--China. He often goes back to China to support his motherland in all different aspects especially concentrate on the education of the more deprived areas of China. Mr Lam's love to China is recognised by various circles of society.

Meanwhile, Mr Lam has been contributing to the Chinese education especially in studying Chinese. He is serious about supporting education, with this reason he bade for the HMS Invincible in 2011. His aim is to convert this remarkable and historical aircraft carrier in to a float international boarding school, which to provide more opportunities for overseas Chinese to learn Chinese and its culture. In May of 2011, Mr Lam established BONGLAM Educational Bursary to encourage more overseas Chinese to learn Chinese and know more about China.

Notable Date and Awards
Notable Date
1962 Mr Lam was born in Zhuhai, China
1979 He had stayed Macau for one year
1980 He had arrived Hong Kong from Macau
1980-1990 He had been promoted to be a Dim Sum Chef from a Dim Sum beginner
1990-1992 He had worked as a Dim Sum Chef in a 5 stars resautrant in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
1992 He was head hunted to be the chef to support the hotel development in China Town, Londo, UK
1997 He established his first restaurant-Wing Wah Restaurant
1997-Now In possession of Chinese restaurants(Wing Wah, Ming Moon), 1 Coffee Shop, 1 food factory, 1 consultant agency, 1 decoration company and real estate projects
2009 He cooperated with friends for the yacht building business in Zhuhai
2011 He had bid for HMS Invincible for £500 million pounds
Honors and Awards
Chairman Wing Wak Group, UK
Honorary President UK Chinese Education Foundation
President Zhuhai Co-operative Association (UK)
Honorary President Confederation Chinese Associations UK
Non-Executive Governor Overseas Chinese Association School
Vice-President UK Chinese Conservative Party
Vice- President Zhuhai Overseas Exchange Association
Consultant Zhuhai Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
Honorary President Zhuhai Overseas Friendship Association
Honorary President Zhuhai Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
Member Zhuhai (Doumen) Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
Honorary President Zhuhai (Doumen) Overseas Friendship Association
Honorary President Bijiao Association (Macau)
International Master Chef for Chinese Cuisine World Association of Chinese Cuisine
Member British Culinary Federation
About Bursary
BONG LAM Educational Bursary was established on 4th May of 2011 at Wing Yip centre, Cricklewood. The establishment of this bursary is to encourage the UK Chinese descendants to go back to China to learn Chinese or other courses. BONGLAM Educational Bursary has entrusted by UK Chinese Education Foundation, AW BOON HAW Foundation, Overseas Chinese Media Exchange Research Centre and other institutions to organise and Europe Commercial News to co-operate. The objective of this bursary is to encourage the new generation overseas Chinese to learn Chinese, know more about Chinese culture and foster their culture identity. Mr Lam hopes to assist the overseas Chinese children have the opportunities to go back to China to learn Chinese, and at the same time, to experience Chinese culture and the society. Chinese culture has a long history, extensive and profound. It is the spiritual home of overseas Chinese to maintain feelings with the motherland. To comprehend the Chinese culture, the first action is to learn Chinese.

This scheme is running with Jinan University. In 2007, Mr Lam had completed the Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Seminar in Jinan University and found it is a very suitable platform with the superior quality of education and high teacher standard for overseas Chinese descendants to begin their education in Chinese.

The funding targets are aged between 18 to 30 years old overseas Chinese descendants who are interested to be educated in the College of Chinese Language and Culture of Jinan University to learn Chinese, or study other courses in Jinan University. There are 10 placements each year. The successful selected students will be financial supported for the tuition fees.

Besides this overseas Chinese descendants educational bursary, the other project in this bursary is provide financial support to the outstanding achievements but impoverished students in Zhuhai to continue their study in the university.

President: Kin Bong Lam
Honorary Advisor: Dr Rayson Huang,
Dr Woon Wing Yip
Legal Advisor: Maggie Wong
Secretary General: Derek Liang
Judging Panel:

Raymond Chung
Bobby Wong,
Ho Kam Tak,
William Ho,
He Jia Jin,
Wellington Yau
Bursary Event
04/05/2010: Bong Lam Educational Bursary Launch


View the website of the College of Chinese Language and Culture of Jinan University, apply for the interest course.


After receive the admission letter from the university, apply for the funding on online and fill in the application form and submit the related information.


The qualified students will be chosen after the review of the Judging Panel.


1.Information submission requirements online:
A. your brief CV
B. a statement of the purpose of studying within 300 words
C. Two photographs (1 passport size and 1 snapshot)
D. 1 reference letters
E. Admission letter of The College of Chinese Language and Culture of Jinan University

2.This Bursary only include the course fees but not others fees, students should handle with other fess by themselves.

3.The period of the financial support of this bursary is one (1) year. If the student wants to continue studying after one year, he/she should apply again follow by the application process mentioned.

About the details for applying the bursary of Zhuhai students, please contact Zhuhai Overseas Chinese Office.

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